The story that I am reading is The Odyssey. I read “Book XXIII” and “Book XXIV” and in this book I was really entertained because everything was starting to unfold. After Odysseus killed Antoninus by shooting the arrow at his throat, he then went on to attacking the suitors. Mean while, Penelope was sleeping through the entire fight and when she woke up, she was not convinced that Odysseus was alive and she thought that the person who killed Antoninus wasn’t Odysseus. She thought it was a god who slayed the suitors. Even after Telemachus tried to convince her that it was really Odysseus she didn’t want to believe it. Hermes led the suitors’ souls crying into Hades. Odysseus and Laertes have lunch together when a small army tracks Odysseus at Laertes’ house. Antinous’ father wanted to seek revenge on Odysseus because he killed his son. Athene disguised herself as Mentor to finally put a stop to the violence. Antinous’ father was killed and Athene made the Ithacans forget about the killing and there was peace again. I was shocked by the ending because I wasn’t expecting Antinous’ father to find Odysseus with an army to take out Odysseus. I also wasn’t expecting Athene to restore peace because when all this conflict was happening she only tried to give advice to help and none of the other gods did anything when Odysseus was trapped out at sea. The gods had Odysseus journey back to Ithaca by himself after finding out where he was.


The story that I’m reading is The Odyssey. In “Book XXII” I read about a huge turn of events. First, Odysseus arrived back at Ithaca disguised as a beggar and went to swineherd’s hut. Athena went to Sparta to find Telemachus to tell him to come back to Ithaca because Odysseus was back. Telemachus went back to Ithaca to see his father. I also read about Penelope holding an archery event to decide who becomes her husband. She told them if someone was able to shoot the arrow through the axes, she would marry them. Penelope used Odysseus’ bow and each suitor tried. All the suitors tried but failed at trying to draw the bow. Most of them gave up after realizing they could not draw the bow back to shoot the arrow. Odysseus, who was disguised as a beggar asked to try after everyone failed and succeeded to draw back the bow. He then shot the arrow sending it through all twelve of the axes, leaving the suitors in shock.  Odysseus eventually revealed himself to the suitors. They all thought he was dead and Odysseus took the bow and aimed it at Antoninus. Odysseus released the arrow, sending it into Antoninus’ throat. Antoninus collapsed to the ground with blood running out his nose and all the suitors watching in fear. Odysseus confronted the suitors about them saying he was never returning back to Ithaca. He was also furious that the suitors destroyed his home. Odysseus told Telemachus to run get him armor and a weapon. I was shocked about this and I wanted to keep reading the book.


In the story I’m reading is, The Odyssey. It is a very interesting book so far and it makes me want to read more to find out what happens next. In the first chapter, I read about Odysseus getting stranded in the sea and his wife told all the suitors that he was dead and she would be marrying another person. The Greek gods liked Odysseus because he was an epic hero. The suitors were taking advantage of Odysseus’s kingdom. I was shocked by the fact that the people of Ithaca would take advantage of the epic hero in his own kingdom and waited to be picked and married by his wife.


Greetings, my name is Nicco! I was born on October 24 2001, I am fourteen-years-old in the ninth grade. I am a very quite person and I’m also shy. I am excited to be in Digital Info Tech, I think it will be a new experience for me. I like to create animations that I upload onto my YouTube channel which I hope to get to at least 10,000 subscribers soon, I’m currently at 8,966 subscribers, I’m pretty excited. My big dream is to work for one of the big studios such as, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, Pixar, etc., as an animation artist. I am also shy but once you get to know me, I start to open up. I want to graduate ninth grade with high scores, so far it’s been really fun and it’s only been three days back at school. All my teachers are cool and make learning entertaining. I joined the magnet program to better myself from, when I was in regular classes, some of the students would hold me back from learning. So far I’ve made some friends, and I’m still finding my old friends walking around.

The last thing I’ve read was “My Brother Sam is Dead”. I enjoyed this book because there was never any dull moments, the book was full of surprises. This book made me want to keep reading and builds a lot of suspense. At first it was a school book that I had to read but then when I got further in the book I decided to buy my own copy and read it. I really like the way how the author wrote the book. Before I never used to like reading books but after I read that book I wanted to continue to read more books just like it.

I love to read humorous books but I’m starting to get into adventure novels. I am starting to lean more towards adventure novels because in books that I’ve read so far there has been a shocking plot twist. I like reading humorous books because if I am ever in a bad mood I read them to brighten my mood. I’m not a really big fan of reading but when I have either one of those books I get so attached to it. A few humorous books I’ve read are, “Captain Underpants”, “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid”, “Nerds”, and many more. Adventure books that I have read so far are, “Beast Quest”, “My Brother Sam Is Dead”, and “Harry Potter”.